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Aug. 08/24/17 1:04 AM
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Check in here often to find the latest breaking news at Salt & Pepper Singles!

01/08/11Website Updates!
This website is under going a transition from a subscription-pay site, to a totally free service.

Not all references to subscriptions have been removed, but we are working on it. However, there is no way for you to pay anything to us, so regardless of any directions, you cannot make any payments here!

We are totally free! Our sole support is from your interest in the ads you may see here.

Please bear with us as we update the entire website; a slower process than we would prefer.

02/23/03More System Upgrades!
In our relentlesss pursuit of perfection and providing an enjoyable, feature-laden website, we have been working non-stop to reach our goals.

We now have a new secure site interface for subscribing and photo placement services.

We also have added a survey regarding an Interracial Singles organized event . . . please complete the survey so we formulate a gameplan for offering a face-to-face experience for all to enjoy!

12/29/02New Features
We are happy to announce some major upgrades to our special website that go online today!

We have added, amongst other things, a FreeMail program! Every active profile here gets a free email address!

We have also optimized our profiles database search engine and remodeled our Message Center!

Please browse thru the entire website at your leisure to insure you get maximum usage and enjoy your visits even more!

We apologize for any inconvenience the recent outages may have caused. We are upgrading the database software and it certainly could be smoother.

Shouldn't be much longer and there may be a few bumps in the road yet. We will try and keep them to a minimum and hope you will be patient with us!

01/26/02New Feature!
We now have added a new section to the website. Click the Hall of Fame button in the left menu panel and read how you can get free subscription days credited to your account!

01/24/ Email addresses
For reasons unknown, all email bounces back as undeliverable. We suspect this is related to their recent troubles and the fact that they went out of business.

Even though their Internet presence is still online, EVERY single email at this website bounces.

Please do not attempt to add a free profile using an email address. Please get a different free email address or use another existing address you have in place of! If you cannot be contacted by us when you have a message from an interested suitor, it is pointless to complete a profile and display it online.

thank you . . .

staff . . .

01/20/02Notifications Feature Added
We are happy to report we have added a new feature to the Account Manager, available to anyone with a profile online here at Salt & Pepper Singles!

You can now be automatically notified when a new profile is submitted and it meets the criteria you have specified. Click NOTIFICATIONS in the Account Manager . . .enjoy!

We are slowly, but surely, finishing a lot of the small details that were not quite complete when we first went online with the new website. Please bear with us until all is complete. No need to report any broken links or other similar errors. We know there are a few left. If any of the basic functionality of this website causes an error, such as browsing and responding to profiles, please do report the circumstances of these types errors!

01/07/02Website Traffic
We have begun advertising in various major search engines. Check in often as within a few short days we expect a significant increase in activity here at Salt & Pepper Singles, especially in the new profiles area!

Flash! . . . The all new website goes live today! While the vast majority of the new website is complete, there are a few bugs as there always will be. Please bear with us as we are working feverishly to work out all the little details that crop up with a new website such as this.

We were just so excited to put our new website online as soon as possible for all the world to see and appreciate, we didn't wait to cross the t's and dot the i's! If you get an error anywhere, please copy and paste the error into an email to us so we can fix it ASAP! The bulk of what remains to be done is simply text here and there. A couple of new programs in the Account Manager will be going online soon.

Current members and guests, as well as new visitors, please take the time to browse through the entire website as there are many new features and content to be explored here.

We are very proud of our new website and would like to hear your feedback! Please do not hesitate to drop us an email note or you can use our new online contact form !

Hey and don't forget to sign the GuestBook!

staff . . . Salt & Pepper Singles

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