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Aug. 08/24/17 1:01 AM
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Submitted 02/22/06
(Q.)How do I become a Profile Spotlight?

(A.)IF you refer to the thumbnail pics that are displayed in the left menu panel and other areas of the website, all pics are rotated through there . . .you need do nothing for this to happen except have a pic online.

Submitted 02/06/06
(Q.)how to block a profile

(A.)While reading a message from a profiler you wish to block, click BLOCK button near top of profile.

Submitted 01/12/06
(Q.)Hi. I am looking for blonde blue eyed men. Is there any way I can limit my search

(A.)You can only conduct searches in our database of profiles using the fields provided in the SEARCH page.

Submitted 09/08/05
(Q.)how do i delete a photo and add another udated photo of myself

(A.)Click ADD PHOTO in the Account Manager after log in . . .

Submitted 09/06/05
(Q.)Where do I find my expiration date? If I choose not to remove, can I remove my profile without it ever being shown again?

(A.)Your profile does not expire. You can remove it at any time by clicking REMOVE PROFILE in the Account Manager.

Submitted 07/03/05
(Q.)My question is this: How come you say that there is no subscription needed for replying to messages? Did I just get into a membership for nothing?

(A.)That is correct, there is no charge to reply to a message sent by another member here.

However you must be a member to initiate a message to another.

Submitted 06/20/05
(Q.)The wrong age is in my profile. I'm 55 and i'm listed as 51. How do i change it? Thank you, Hank

(A.)Please advise your correct date of birth . . .

Submitted 05/28/05
(Q.)How can I block someone? I do not see a way to do it from when it tells me I have message from that person on their profile page. There is no way to block them at the bottom of their profile, so how do I do it.??

(A.)When you are reading a message from someone you wish to block, there is a button at the top of the message that is labeled BLOCK . . . clicking this button will block the sender of that message from contacting you.

Submitted 05/08/05
(Q.)can I add additional photos to my profile? How?

(A.)While we have been allowing up to three, you are entitled to only one photo with your profile.

Submitted 04/26/05
(Q.)How do I change my racial preference to caucasian?

(A.)After logging into the Account Manager, click UPDATE PROFILE and make any changes you wish.

Submitted 04/11/05
(Q.)How do I change my user ID from number to text I can remember?

(A.)Your UserID is assigned by a database and must always be numeric . . . this cannot be changed . . .sorry!

Submitted 01/25/05
(Q.)How do I block a member from viewing my profile/photo. This is my second attempt to get an answer to my question. Please respond as soon as possible. Thank you.!

(A.)Sorry to report, you cannot block any users from VIEWING your profile . . . unless you flagged your profile offline . . . then all users would not be able to see it . .

The Blocking feature only applies to particular users who have sent you a message. You can then block that user from sending any further messages to you by clicking the BLOCK button while viewing the message from that User.

Hope this helps . .

Submitted 01/23/05
(Q.)can a message be resended,i was told that they recieved notice of an email ,but when they checked it was not there..thank you

(A.)Messages cannot be resent except by sender . . . have them recheck . . sometimes the system takes a little while to deliver the message . . .

Submitted 10/07/04
(Q.)Recently you sent me a notice about a new member who fits the profile I am seeking; someone from Honolulu, 57 yrs old I believe. But now I can't find anyone in Hawaii between 45 and 65. What's up with that? Thanks.

(A.)Using MALE and HI as the only search criteria, we discover a total of TWO persons fitting that search criteria. They have both been sent to you.

We find no NEW profiles of males in HI. If you were sent a notice advising otherwise, it is possible the person changed the fields or removed the profile right away. Or it was flagged offline administratively, subsequent to you being sent that new profile notice.

In the email is a link to the profile. Clicking that will reveal something about the profile, even if it is not available.

Hope this helps . . .

Submitted 10/07/04
(Q.)I have done numerous winks and recently you sent a notice that someone winked back. But now when I try to retrieve that info my winks says I have never sent or received any winks. What's up?

(A.)as per the ABOUT WINKS section . . .

Winks are deleted automatically after thirty(30) days!

Winks are deleted automatically if the Wink recipient's profile is removed!

More than likely, this is what has occurred.

Submitted 09/25/04
(Q.)why is that there are not many current subscribers on this site? When I search through profiles it seems that many of them have not logged on for more than 2 or 3 months. How do I only search for the current profiles?

(A.)Take care not to misinterpret the LAST LOGGED IN DATE of a profile. We do not require profilers to log in to have a active profile. If the profile is there, it is current. When email to users bounce, the profile is taken offline.

As an example, yesterday we had over 500 distinct visitors and 180 logged in. If the other 320 visitors had a profile, should we remove it because they didn't log in?

The LAST LOGGED IN DATE is there only for potential subscribers to have an idea of the likelyhood of contact with a profile they may be interested in, BEFORE they subscribe!

Submitted 08/22/04
(Q.)Can I send a moneyorder to pay for my membership?

(A.)Yes . . . click SUBSCRIBE in the top menu panel or Subcribe in the Account Manager after logging in.

In the secure subscription form, select CHECK - MAIL as your payment method and follow the directions.

thank you . . .

Submitted 01/30/04
(Q.)if i subscribe,send messages to a prospective mate,can i then exchange personal information through the message center

(A.)We do not control what people write in their messages to each other.

Submitted 01/30/04
(Q.)if i subscribe,can i chat with a non-paying member

(A.)no . . . the chat room is for members only! You can send and receive messages from guests however.

Submitted 12/12/03
(Q.)I looked through your search engine before I decided to post a profile. I located about 8 profiles of interest and wrote down their information. How do I locate to "flag" these 8 in my file without going through all 200+ again? Or is that impossible? Thank you.

(A.)Please use the FAVORITES feature, which will allow you to save individual profiles and access them directly . . .


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