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Aug. 08/24/17 1:03 AM
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Wink Management

All About the Winks Program
   Here at Salt & Pepper Singles, we have a great FREE program called Send a Wink! This program allows any Member to subtly flirt with potential matches of interest - BEFORE actually subscribing and/or sending a personal message. Here's how it works . . .

  You have a profile online here at Salt & Pepper Singles and while searching the profiles date-a-base you see a profile of interest. You wish to let that person know you have an interest in starting a dialogue with them. If you are a Guest, previously you needed to subscribe before you could send that person a message. Now, you simply click the SEND WINK button located at the top of each profile's details page, and the system sends an email to that person, notifying them you have WINKed at them. Now they know you are interested.

  Within that email notification are links directly to your profile. The WINKee simply clicks the link and is taken directly to your profile so they can read all about the person that WINKed at them. At that time, they may decide they too have an interest in the WINKer, and can send a WINK BACK, by clicking the SEND WINK button at the top of your profile page. If they WINK BACK at you, you are sent an email advising you of the now, mutual interest.

  Of course, if one of you is already a subscribing member, that member can initiate the correspondence. The recipient need not be a subscribing member to reply to any messages, as per normal. If you are a Guest, it is up to you whether to wait and see if the other person initiates a dialogue; or, subscribe yourself to Salt & Pepper Singles and send them a message now! Neither participant is ever told any more info other than what is revealed in the profile. Neither participant has any way of knowing if the other already has the ability to initiate correspondence.

  Below are the guidelines for using the My Winks program . . .
  • The My Winks program is a FREE service and does not require a subscription to use
  • You must be logged into the system to Send a Wink
  • You must have an active online profile for the Wink recipient to view, in order to send a Wink
  • Winks are administered in the My Winks manager, accessible from the Account Manager by clicking the My Winks button.
  • You may send no more than 10 Winks per day
  • You may not send the same profile a Wink more than once in a 30 day period
  • If a profiler has BLOCKED you from sending messages, you will not be able to Send a Wink
  • If a Wink recipient is not interested in the WINKer, simply do nothing. The My Winks manager will tell the WINKer that you received the wink and read the profile and NO, you did not Wink Back.
  • Winks are deleted automatically after thirty(30) days!
  • Winks are deleted automatically if the Wink recipient's profile is removed!
  • Sending a WINK and WINKing BACK are two separate functions. You may have WINKed BACK, and yet the Wink Manager may still show you have SENT no WINKS!

Good Luck and Happy Winking!

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